COCA-I Committee Descriptions

1. Research & Education Committee:

To provide members education through CEU and Best Practices tracks at the annual conference, quarterly educational videos and/or webinars; materials and resources on the COCA website. This committee also reviews research proposals which ask for participation by COCA or COCA member camps, develops tools to evaluate internal research, encourages and supports multi-camp research projects within COCA and in collaboration with other organizations, supports the publication and dissemination of research results relevant to the COCA Mission, and networks to build relationships within health care professional communities by representing COCA at various conferences throughout the year.

2. Membership Committee:

Purpose- To provide members funded staff exchanges, to recognize and equip the YPL group with leadership opportunities within COCA-I, to locate potential new members and provide information on joining COCA-I, and to support continued learning through regional conferences. This committee also oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of the award process for the annual COCA-I conference.

3. Development, Marketing & Communications Committee: 

Purpose- To provide members communication about COCA-I through email, social media, and printed resources, collaboration with KOA Care Camps to promote and fundraise for COCA-I.  This committee also develops new financial partnerships, and is creating to establish a fundraising brand for COCA-I. 

4. Gold Ribbon Committee:

Purpose- to provide members a self-assessment program in an effort to promote Best Practices and guidelines within the pediatric oncology camping community, and to develop a more formal Gold Ribbon accreditation program going forward.  This committee actively encourages member camps to achieve Gold Ribbon Status by providing guidance, mentoring, policy development, a helpline and webinars. 

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COCA-I believes the the strength of our organization will be enhanced by including non-Board members on our standing committees. We encourage any COCA-I member to consider joining one or more committees. There is a lot of work to be done, and your contributions woud be highly valued.If you would like to learn more, please contact the Committee Chairs (in bold with a link to their email address.)

2018 Board Committee Members

(Committee Chairmen in Bold)

Research & Education


Development, Marketing, and Communications

Gold Ribbon

Dr. Mike Amylon

Tyler Olsen

Hattie Johnson

Brian Crater

Hattie Johnson Bruce Hooper Allen Brockman Marci Shea-Perry
Heather Fleming Marilyn Scalf Patty Harris Matt Ruttler
Brandon Briery Marci Shea-Perry Sydney Jones Heather Fleming
Brian Crater Kristi Rico   Kristi Rico
Sydney Jones Cassy Shea   Patty Harris
Mike Amylon Keely Batmale   Brandon Briery
Kay Wagner     Cassy Shea
      Mike Amylon
      Kay Wagner