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Broken Fax Machine

Set up:

· Unit/camp is divided into three teams (each has an isle)

· Each Team (isle) is divided into 3 groups (rows-one table per team in each row)

o Each team (isle) is divided into 3 tables

· The first 2 tables in each isle has multi- colored random “stuff” on it from arts and crafts to do random decorations.

o (i.e. paint/glitter/feathers/foamies/cotton balls/tissue paper/washable markers/pipe cleaners…)

· The first table in a row has a stack of words (word side facing down & numbered side facing up)

· The last table in a row has a stack of paper and a marker.

How to play:

· The object of the game is like broken telephone but visual.

o Row #1:

§ The first table in a team’s isle, when the host says go turns over the first camp word (person/object) has 2 minutes (until the end of the song) to decorate the volunteer camper/staff into that fax (person/object). (They must not say the word out loud.)

· This fax (camper) is being “sent” from table to table on a dining hall cup trolley with a hanging sheet on either side being held up by staff so the other teams cant see them.

o Row #2:

§ When the music stops, the fax (camper) is pushed down their isle to the second table.

· There they try to figure out what the word was, based on the look of the fax.

§ When the music starts again the second table continues decorating the fax accordingly.

o Row #3:

§ When the music stops the last table has 1 minute to brainstorm what the fax says.

§ They then write it on a piece of paper.

o Conclusion of the Round:

§ The host counts to 3… the sheets drop so all teams can see all faxes

§ The first row and final row hold up their faxes.

§ Any team that has a match gets a point.


  • At the end of each round the tables rotate down their isles so that each group has a chance to try each job.
  • Each round a new camper/staff who volunteers get to ride the fax machine!!!
  • In the end the team with the most points wins.
  • Trick…you can have as many or few rounds as you want depending on time.