Camper and Family Resources

There are a great many sources regarding all aspects of Pediatric Oncology Camping... everything from Oncology Research to Family and Sibling Support.

The mission of COCA-I  is to strengthen the international community of camps for children with cancer and their families through networking, advocacy, and education. In that vein, the list below represents some resources regarding the many facets of the physical, psychological, familial, and social implications of children with cancer.

Our resources are divided into the following areas:


 COCA-I Affiliated Research

COCA-I Research

Children with cancer, their siblings, and families all benefit in dramatic ways to the pediatric oncology camping experience. COCA-I is very fortunate to be able to count among active members many oncology camping experts, pediatric oncolology professionals, and leaders in the field of researching the benefits of oncology camps.

COCA-I has been fortunate enough to provide support for this valulable research.


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  Where to Find Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

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 Online Journals

Online research
There are several online journals referencing children with cancer, or camping expereinces. This list is a sample of some of them

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 Reading Material

print resources
Find out more information about children with cancer and their families.

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Family Support

family resources

Childhood cancer has an accumulating affect on the whole family. As such family support during diagnosis through to survivorship is often required. Here is a list of supports that may be available to families.

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COCA-I Library

COCAI resources

COCA-I has assembled some Camper packets, forms, agreements used either presently or in the past by our members. These may be helpful reference materials. Be aware that some are dated and may have been superceded. These are merely for reference only and to acquaint campers and families with some of the various approaches to oncology camp practices, procedures and policies.


Camper Applications, Agreements and Checklists

COCA-I Camper Health Related Forms


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COCA-I Fireside Newsletter Archives

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Browse through COCAI's quarterly newsletters



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 COCA-I would like to express it's appreciation to for it's help with compiling many of these entries.