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As the children arrive during check-in time, they are assigned to a cabin with four to ten other children their age and at least two counselors – girls with girls and boys with boys. Bunk beds and mattresses are provided, but campers and counselors are expected to bring pillows, bedding and/or sleeping bags. The cabins have heaters and air conditioners, so campers are able to stay comfortable during cabin time.

We have many activities planned each day. We get started right away with pictures and making “warm fuzzies” (mailboxes to build friendships). Every year we try to include a few new activities that will integrate our theme for the year with the same old favorites that make our children want to come back year after year. Our daily activities depend on the weather and the health of our campers, so rain or heat may cut our outdoor activities short but we “smile and are flexible” to plan additional activities to keep our campers having a fun-filled experience.

Here are some activities that are a tradition at camp: Swimming, Water slides, Crafts, "Warm fuzzies", Camp songs, Frisbee golf, Nature hikes, Sitting volleyball/4-H Square, Water games, Zip line, High-wire adventure, Trust Course, Boat Making, and many more.

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Camp CoHoLo, Children's Oncology Camps of Nebraska
Berta Ackerson
Camp CoHoLo, Children's Oncology Camps of Nebraska

P.O. Box 24466
Omaha NB, USA 68124

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