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COCA-I Benefits

COCA-I Mission

COCA-I’s mission is to strengthen the international community of camps for children with cancer and their families.We believe the “Suggested COCA-I Guidelines” is an important resource to our members and following these guidelines should be rewarded.

These "Suggested COCA-I Guidelines" are being presented as a completely voluntary set of recommended oncology camp standards.

Camp Evaluation

Every year the COCA-I Board of Directors recognizes member camps who meet the guidelines and awards Gold Ribbon Camp status. This designation is not a membership requirement.

Camps are evaluated based upon their compliance with Suggested COCA-I GuidelinesTrans Gold Ribbon

There are 6 (six) categories within the Guidelines/Standards and each category has been given a numeric value for scoring purposes. The categories are:

1. General Operations
2. Camp Administration
3. Camp Staffing
4. Health Care Policies and Procedures
5. Psychosocial Support Avaliability
6. Camp Activities

Each camp has to affirm that it meets each “Guideline/Standard”. Each camp is on the “honor” system. There is no formal COCA-I compliance audit. Upon submittal, the COCA-I Membership Committee evaluates and scores camps applications.
A score of 85% or greater results in that camp receiving an official COCA-I designation as a Gold Ribbon Camp! While the COCA-I Gold Ribbon Camp designation is granted for life, COCA-I does request a letter from each Gold Ribbon Camp every three years, indicating that their camp is still complying with the Guidelines/Standards.


Printable List of COCA-I Gold Ribbon Camps