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Send One of Your Staff to Visit A COCA-I Camp or Invite Staff from Other Camps to Visit Your Camp
We Pay for Transportation!

COCA-I is pleased to announce the COCA-I CONNECT program for 2019. We recognize how much there is to be gained by a staff exchange between camps. COCA-I has set aside funds to cover transportation expenses a for a limited number of staff exchanges this year. (The exchanges do not have to be reciprocal between participating camps.)

For a Program Overview click here.

Here’s how it works in just two simple steps:


1) Host Camps – WoulCSEP Exchanged you like to host a Staff Exchange? Complete the COCAI CONNECT Host Camp Form. This information will be published and made available to Exchange Candidates              

2) Exchange Candidates – Would you like to exchange with at another COCA-I camp? Complete a COCAI CONNECT Candidate Application Form.

 The 2019 camping season is rapidly approaching so don’t delay.

Questions? Feel free to contact Don Golden don.golden@cocai.org, 505 717 6290