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Responsibilities For parties involved in the COCA-I Staff Exchange Program

Purpose and applicability

  • The purpose of this document is to create a common understanding of the responsibilities when COCA-I facilitates a camp staff exchange,
  • The document outlines the responsibilities of each of the parties involved in a COCAI CONNECT Program.


  • The expenses for an Exchange Candidate include every aspect of costs affiliated with temporarily relocating to another workplace. We have covered the five most obvious factors: Housing, Transportation, Salary, Provisions for changes in the general cost of living, and unforeseen expenses.
  • Housing and Food shall be the responsibility of the Host Camp.
  • Travel shall be the responsibility of the Exchange Candidate. It is up to the Exchange Candidate to determine the cost effective method of travel to and from the Host Camp. COCA-I shall subsidize transportation-related expenses up to an agreed upon amount before the exchange occurs.
  • Local Transportation To and From the Host Camp shall normally be handled by the Host Camp.
  • Work Hours shall be mutually agreed to in advance by the Exchange Candidate and the Host Camp.
  • Unforeseen expenses are the responsibility of the Exchange Candidate.


  • Travel Insurance shall be the responsibility of the Exchange Candidate.
  • Health Insurance shall be the responsibility of the Exchange Candidate.
  • Local work-related insurance is the responsibility of the Host Camp.

Mentoring and Professional Supervision

  • The Host Camp shall provide a mentor and professional supervision.  The mentor is to ensure that the Exchange Candidate profits professionally from the exchange and to report to local Host Camp and COCA-I.

Other Responsibilities

  • Emergency provisions are the responsibility of both the Host Camp and the Exchange Candidate.
  • It is the responsibility of the Host Camp to handle emergencies when they occur. This requires that the Host Camp representatives are aware of the Exchange Candidate’s insurance policies, and know what phone numbers to call to get in contact with the Exchange Candidate's insurance company in order for the Exchange Camp to get to the right hospital.
  • The Host Camp is responsible for transporting the Exchange Candidate to an appropriate health care provider in accordance with the provisions of his/her medical insurance policy. In an emergency situation, however, transport should be arranged to the nearest appropriate facility.
  • Health and safety regulations are the responsibility of all parties to the exchange.
  • Personal Belongings Personal sports equipment, personal electronics, weapons, pets, etc. can only be brought by mutual agreement with the Host Camp, and responsibility for loss or damage remains with the Exchange Candidate.