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Any non-oncology camp; other professional organizations (e.g., ACA, APON); Parent organizations who run camps (e.g., ACS, Candlelighters, Camp Quality) and wish to be involved with COCAI as an entity. Non-voting membership. Note: for parent organizations, each camp they run would need to have its own membership in order for the camps to be voting members of COCAI.

Years 2018 - 2019 for USD 400.00

Any individual, whether or not they are affiliated with a COCA-I member camp, Non-voting membership.

USD 100.00 per year
1 year for USD 920.00
1 year for USD 830.00
1 year for USD 740.00
1 year for USD 650.00
1 year for USD 560.00
1 year for USD 470.00
1 year for USD 380.00

Membership fee for camps with revenues between $0 and $100,000

1 year for USD 290.00
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