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Thank you for your interest in the COCA-I Gold Ribbon Program. Learning how to operate a quality and safe camp is an ongoing process. Because camps are legally liable for the lives of the campers placed in their care, one of the COCA-I Gold Ribbon Program’s most important roles is to assist people with this learning process.

In keeping with our goal of assisting camps in improving facilities, program and operation, the COCA-I Gold Ribbon Program has developed a Guideline Review Program. It is designed to help camps ensure that they are employ the most current and safest oncology camping practices. Guidelines are not intended to regulate or limit the unique spirit or emphasis of any individual camp but to assist camps in evaluating and improving their facilities, program and operation.

What to expect from your visit?

  • A pre-summer conference call with the Gold Ribbon Standards Visitors.
  • To host a 3-4 hour on-site visit during camp programs.
  • To provide an opportunity for your visitor to join an all camp activity (ie. meal, all camp game) and speak with campers and staff.
  • To have an opportunity to discuss relevant comments, questions or suggestions with your visitor.

Notice the tabs on your Canp Profile:

Current the COCA-I Gold Ribbon Program Guidelines, including a list of what documentation to have available during your visit


  • Confirm a time and date to have a phone call with the Membership Committee.
  • Ensure you have all the appropriate contact information for your visitor from the Membership Committee.
  • Arrange a time and date, and back-up date, for your Review Visit with your visitor
  • Arrange an itinerary with your visitor. Discuss travel plans, shuttles, accommodations etc.
  • Send a map and directions to camp to the visitor if needed
  • Prepare your the COCA-I Gold Ribbon Program all your documentation to be discussed during the visit. Note: this will take some time. Be prepared, start early.
  • Prepare to have a copy of your documentation for the guidelines sent to the visitor at least 2 weeks prior to visit in order to allow the visitor time to review and prepare questions.


  • Confirm itinerary and agenda with your visitor
  • Ensure all paperwork and documentation is prepared for the visit and mailed or emailed to the Visitor (at least 2 weeks prior to arrival)


  • Meet and welcome your Review Visitor
  • Provide an all camp tour
  • Provide an opportunity for the review visitor to meet and speak with campers and staff
  • Provide an opportunity for the Review Visitor to participate in an all camp activity (ie. meal, all camp game etc.)
  • Provide time to discuss your prepared documentation and Guidelines. This will also take a while, so get some coffee and some snacks!


Complete Director’s Summation Form and return it to the Membership Committee

Prepared Documentation sent to Visitor 2 weeks Prior to visit

Director’s Summation sent to Membership Committee 2 weeks after visit

the COCA-I Gold Ribbon Program Membership Committee

Your camp will be notified of the outcome of your visit by October 1st.

Status is instated by December 31st



Any organization running a camp for children with cancer. May bring unlimited number of attendees to the conference. Voting membership (each member camp receives one vote, cast by a designated voting delegate.

Are you interested in multiple listings for your organization? Contact us and ask how.

Year 2017 for USD 400.00

Any non-oncology camp; other professional organizations (e.g., ACA, APON); Parent organizations who run camps (e.g., ACS, Candlelighters, Camp Quality) and wish to be involved with COCAI as an entity. Non-voting membership. Note: for parent organizations, each camp they run would need to have its own membership in order for the camps to be voting members of COCAI.

Years 2017 - 2018 for USD 400.00

Any individual, whether or not they are affiliated with a COCA-I member camp, Non-voting membership.

USD 100.00 per year
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