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Send One of Your Staff to Visit A COCA-I Camp or Invite Staff from Other Camps to Visit Your Camp
We Pay for Transportation!

COCA-I is pleased to announce the COCA-I Staff Exchange Program (CSEP) for 2018. We recognize how much there is to be gained by a staff exchange between camps. COCA-I has set aside funds to cover transportation expenses a for a limited number of staff exchanges this year. (The exchanges do not have to be reciprocal between participating camps.)

For a Program Overview click here.

Here’s how it works in just two simple steps:


1) Host Camps – WoulCSEP Exchanged you like to host a Staff Exchange? Complete the CSEP Host Camp Form. This information will be published and made available to Exchange Candidates              

2) Exchange Candidates – Would you like to exchange with at another COCA-I camp? Complete a CSEP Exchange Candidate Application Form.

 The 2018 camping season is rapidly approaching so don’t delay.

Questions? Feel free to contact Don Golden This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 505 717 6290