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Benefits of having research studies:


    • Learn what things work best to improve our programs
    • Convince Boards and Funders of the value of camp
    • Convince pediatric oncology professionals
    • Recruit families to our programs
    • Convince the public at large
    • Help recruit volunteers and staff



Typical types of research studies


    • Single camp study
    • Post camp “evaluation”
    • Questionnaires or interviews; qualitative or quantitative
    • Domains: PTSD, self-esteem, anxiety, QOL, PT Growth
    • Pre- and post- camp instruments?
    • Challenges: small numbers, control groups, confounding variables, participant time commitment, availability of sample (research at camp?), funding




1)  ACA “validated” outcomes instruments as alternative for proof of concept pilot


Domains:  Family Citizenship, Independence, Friendship skills, Teamwork, Perceived Competence, Responsibility, Interest in Exploration


Questionnaires and analysis tools available from ACA


Easy to get results for aggregate sample and individual camps


2)    Simons Pediatric Camp Outcome Measure


Developed specifically for pediatric special needs camps (cardiac).


A more sophisticated measure; less straightforward to use