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Man Tracker


Goal: For your team to get to the most areas around camp without being caught by the Man Tracker (Staff on Bikes or by foot with waterguns/sponges…that are dressed as the Man trackers)!!! So you want to be fast, strategic, and sneaky


Each team of cabin group (or groups of 5ish) are given

1) 20 rubber bands to wear. If they are caught they have to give up a rubber band.

2) a colored paper listing the obstacles around camp. (numbered 1 through 40) -…more than they could possibly do!


Staff will stay with each team to ensure rule following and safety


The teams must get to the area of camp and find the hidden envelope. The hidden envelope contains enough stickers of the same number for each team. (note: sticker numbers correspond to the numbered areas on the colored paper). They take one of the numbered stickers and stick it on the area on the colored paper beside the name of the area. Then they must hide the envelope with the remaining stickers so that the next team can find it! Go to another area and find the envelope…etc.

What if the team is caught?


If the “Man Tracker” hits any member of the team with a water gun, the staff of that team must give up a rubber band. Then they are given a 5 minute head start to run and get lost again. ! (If you have a no running rule you can replace the watergun with rock paper sizzors.

The winner is the team who has the most areas stickered off. If there is a tie…the winner goes to the winning team with the most rubber bands!!!

*Note…each team must have a watch…synchronize…must be back before a certain time. At that time someone on bikes will go around and collect envelopes. For every minute your team is late after a sound…you lose one rubber band.



Sample of the sheet that you copy on colored paper to hand out one per team.

Playground 1 Cabin #6 21
Shower house 2 Woodwork Porch 22
Laundry porch 3 Pottery Porch 23
Cabin #12 4 Office Picnic Tables 24
Tuck Shop 5 Farm 25
Cabin #23 6 DOF office porch 26
Swim Beach 7 Nurse’s Porch 27
Pay Phones 8 Outside kitchen sink 28
Flower bed 9 Porch of Dininghall 29
Fish Porch 10 Lifejacket rack 30
Out side sail shed 11 Yetta’s Place 31
New Dance Hall 12 Pavillion 32
Riflery 13 Spectrum 33
Theatre 14 Ski 34
A&C 15 B&P house porch 35
Sports shed 16 Baseball bleachers 36
Bike shed 17 Guest washrooms 37
Tripshedporch 18 Motel porch (April) 38
Senior’s fire pit 19 GaGa court 39
TheatreBathroom 20 Bunny beach 40