Gold Ribbon Camp Award Years



Gold Ribbon Awarded 2011
Camp Boggy Creek 2014
Camp Hobe 2014
Camp Magic Moments Cancer Camps for Kids - Swan Valley, ID 2014
Camp Millennium 2014
Camp Okizu 2014
Camp Quality Canada 2014
Camp Rainbow (Foundation) 2014
Camp Rap-A-Hope 2014
Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times 2014
Camp Smile-A-Mile 2014
Camp Sunrise- Baltimore MD 2014
Camp Sunshine 2014
Camp Trillium - Ontario 2014
Happiness Is Camping 2014
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta 2014
The Kaylyn Elaine Warren Foundation/Kay's Kamp 2014
We Care Foundation/Camp Dream Street 2014
Gold Ribbon AwGold Ribbon Awarded 2012arded 2011 Renewed
Arizona Camp Sunrise 2015
Camp Goodtimes at Camp Reed 2015
Camp Happy Times (The Valerie Fund) 2015
Camp Heart Connection 2015
Camp Journey @Ross Point Camp 2015
Camp KEMO 2015
Camp Leucan ----
Camp No Worries 2015
Camp Ta-Kum-Ta 2015
Kamp K.A.C.E. (Kids Against Cancer Everywhere) 2015
Victory Junction 2015
Gold Ribbon Awarded 2013
Camp Bring It On  2016
Camp Rainbow (Arizona)  2016
Kids Cancer Alliance  2016
Special Days Camp  2016
Gold Ribbon Awarded 2014
Camp Quality Arkansas  2017
Camp Quality Central Missouri  2017
Camp Quality Heartland  2017
Camp Quality Illinois  2017
Camp Quality Kansas  2017
Camp Quality Greater Kansas City  2017
Camp Quality Kentuckiana  2017
Camp Quality Louisiana  2017
Camp Quality Michigan N  2017
Camp Quality Michigan S  2017
Camp Quality New Jersey  2017
Camp Quality NWMO  2017
Camp Quality Ohio  2017
Camp Quality Ozarks  2017
Camp Quality Texas  2017
Camp Dost  2017
Camp Bring It On  2017
Canp Fantastic  2017
Camp Oochigeas  2017
Camp Courgeous/Camp Bravo  2017
Sky High Hope Camp  2017
Rainbow Connection  2017
Camp Journey  2017
Camp Discovery  2017
Camp Mak A Dream  2017
The Goodtimes Project  2017
Gold Ribbon Awarded 2015
Camp COCO  
Camp Good Days and Special Times  
Camp Happy Days  
Camp Rainbow Gold  
Camp Rising Sun  
Camp Sunshine Dreams  
Kamp KACE  
Kids Need More Camp Adventure  
Seany's Camp Reach for the Sky  
Sunrise Day Camp Long Island  
Sunrise Day Camp Pearl River  
Gold Ribbon Awarded 2016
Camp CAMP  
Center for Courageous Kids  
Camp Periwinkle  
Camp iHope  
Camp Sunshine at Sebago Lake