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Branding COCA-I Suggested Branding Standards

The COCA Board has been working on branding COCA-I ... a brand is a promise  -  must be consistent| believable and genuine.  At the January 15| 2015 board meeting| the COCA-I Branding Guideline was presented to the Board. There was strong support from Board Members for disseminating this branding statement template to Member Camps and encouraging their use of it on their own websites and materials.  Please try to make this a priority on your website and promotional materials; by doing this we will have all COCA-I camps using our brand with a consistent| believable and genuine story.




2019 COCA-I Suggested Branding Statement

(Camp Name) is a member of COCA-I (Children’s Oncology Camping Association| International)| whose mission is to strengthen the international community of camps for children with cancer and their families through networking| advocacy| education and other resources. COCA-I member camps proudly served the needs of over 35|500 campers in 2014.

*If your camp is a Gold Ribbon Camp| please add the following sentence: Of the 89 pediatric oncology camp members of COCA-I| (Camp Name) is one of 54 that have been awarded the Gold Ribbon Camp designation| an honor bestowed upon camps which demonstrate a high level of commitment to serving children with cancer and their families.




Allen Brockman, Chairman of the Camp Rainbow Foundation| and Director of Camp Rainbow was gracious enough to share with us three ways in which Camp Rainbow uses it's membership with COCA-I to enhance and build its brand image.


Recently we heard from Allen| and this is what he had to say:

"It is something that I really believe in … the message must be consistent and believable.  With that said| the Camp Rainbow Foundation made a decision that we wanted to let people to know that our camp is part of COCA-I| an international Children’s Oncology Camping Association.  We proudly reference COCA-I in all of our print material … brochures| newsletters| and our establishment sheet. We proudly use the same consistent message| and it has helped promote our credibility within the hospitals| with the patients and their families| and within our community".

Allen continues| "Here's our current newsletter … on the outside back cover we have featured COCA-I … and that Camp Rainbow has been awarded the Gold Ribbon Camp designation. Our message is consistent and believable. I’m going to send you a copy of our brochure and our establishment sheet … they will feature the same consistent believable message. I hope that we can help other camps to follow our lead in promoting COCA-I."

Take a look at the great work Camp Rainbow has done to build their brand using their COCA-I membership and Gold Ribbon Camp designation.

Allen| we all thank you for your great ideas| help and support of COCA-I.