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To use this map -

  • Each marker represents a Gold Ribbon Qualified camp.
  • For key data on any of the camps, please click on the marker, and a summary bubble will open.
  • For even more information, with the bubble open, click on the name of the camp to go to the
    complete camp profile.
  • For a complete list of COCA-I's Gold Ribbon Camps , click here.

There are 0 Gold Ribbon Recipient COCA-I Camps


How a Camp Becomes "Gold Ribbon"


How the Gold Ribbon Camp designation works: There are 6 (six) categories within the Suggested COCA Guidelines/Standards and each category has been given a numeric value for scoring purposes. Each camp simply has to read each “Guideline/Standard” and check off “Met” or “Unmet” in the adjacent box. Once completed| your Guideline/Standard document will then be sent back to the COCA-I Membership Committee for scoring. A score of 85% or greater will result in that camp receiving an official COCA-I designation as a Gold Ribbon Camp!


Trans Gold RibbonBenefits of being a COCA-I Gold Ribbon Camp are:

1. You will be included on the COCA-I Gold Ribbon map| and your camp profile will state you are a Gold Ribbon recipient. .

2. You will receive a Gold Ribbon Camp Flag| to be added to your camp flagpole.

3. You will be presented with an official COCA-I Gold Ribbon Camp Certificate| signed by the entire Board of Directors and suitable for framing and display in your camp office.

Your completed Guidelines/Standards document must be submitted by August 15th of the current calendar year in order to be considered for GRC status during that year’s conference. The guidelines are self-enforced. There is no formal COCA-I compliance audit! Your Gold Ribbon Camp designation is granted for life. However| COCA-I will request a letter from each GRC every three years| indicating that their camp is still complying with the Guidelines/Standards they originally designated as “Met.”

The goal ofthe COCA-I Gold Ribbon Program is to help each member camp provide the best camper experience they can provide.