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Scavenger Hunt Around Town

Scavenger hunt around town, as follows (&, incidentally, I've included a version of this with my Lead Staff this past 2 summers at Camp CAMP to help acquaint them with the local area around CAMP-a very fun and successful addition to the training week festivities!):

We had about 50 youth and divided them into 4 teams... You'd probably need 6 for a group your size. Each team had a driver/chaperone and a 15-passenger van, plus a pick-up truck & driver with a couch in the back (couches loaned by local furniture store(s)).

Each team had a list of places and a digital camera. They had to take a picture as described on the list, including their whole team on/around the couch. Places were like
- on the steps of the courthouse
- with a Wal-mart greeter
- with a firefighter
- with a police officer
- on a tennis court
- with a pet
- at a shopping mall

Etc., etc.

It is always really fun, has a spirit of friendly competition, provides smaller group bonding, gets people out and about in the community, and also draws attention in the community to your "cause." You might equip each team with camp brochures, pens, magnets... Whatever! They can give those out to the people they meet at the various places they stop to take photos. And the couch part is just an extra layer of fun! I've also known people to send teams out with those giant inflatable alligator rafts!

Brandon G. Briery