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That’s Impossible!!!

To begin…

Each team is given a semi- “Impossible Challenge” the order in which the teams complete will determine the order of who starts the game.

Every team starts with the same amount of dollars $10,000 (Jeopardy style that they want to gamble)

The first team has to gamble any amount of camp cash they wish. (In increments of $100/$1000) to a) accept the challenge (i.e. In 1 minute can you stack three golf balls without them toppling for one second?) and attempt it…


they say… “That’s Impossible!!!” and pass the challenge on to all of the other teams.

If they can do the challenge or no one can do the challenge they receive the amount betted.

If they attempt and fail they lose their $.

If they deem the challenge “Impossible” … any team that successfully completes the challenge receives the betted amount while the betting team loses their $.

Intermittent Bonus Rounds

A series of crazy camp challenges are attempted by a group of staff/C.I.T.s during the first week of camp and filmed. (i.e. Can15 C.I.T.s fit in a canoe without it sinking or tipping over) Each group places a bet and guesses “Possible” or “That’s Impossible” Watch the clip…

Lose or get the $ gambled!

Play rounds until the end of the E.P. and then compare camp cash!

What do we do with the camp cash…

Perhaps “campossible” prizes such as

· Design a meal for the entire camp… i.e. “This meal is sponsored by cabin #24!”

· Have the use of a camp vehicle for the day

· Ski all day any time…

Example Challenges (one minute to attempt each challenge):

Can you shove this piece of 11X24 paper in your mouth/close your lips and pull it out In tact!

Can you peel an apple with your hands tied behind your back and no help!

Catch a balloon on your nose with a piece of tape?

Can you stack three golf balls without them toppling for one second?

Can you eat a banana through pantyhose?

Can you spit water over 10 feet?

Can you blow up a balloon with your nose?

Can you eat 7 soda crackers in 60 seconds?

Can you sing the alphabet backwards?