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A Few Tips for Staff Training

Mission Madness

- Make sure EVERYONE knows the mission of your organization!

Give Them Goals to Reach

- Teach your set goals for your week of camp - they should be clear to understand and attainable. Have return volunteers introduce your goals and give examples of how to reach them and involve several other people to let them have a chance at "sharing their camp knowledge." They can do one at a time throughout the day.




Staff Training Tips


Use Emotion

- Early on - maybe even first, give a heartfelt TRUE story on why you do what you do.. A camper's experience is always the best to share!

Keep Them Moving

- Mirror camp! Divide your groups into "cabins." Have them rotate into small groups of topics/activities throughout the day. This gets people moving so they never get "bored" of being in one spot! Incorporate icebreakers during the day, not just right at the beginning!


- You don't want them to only hear you speak! Delegate to your seasoned staff, medical team and professionals to train volunteers by leading sessions and activities.

Use the Real Pros

- Have a parent panel (parent of a new camper, return camper, one with special needs, ect.) and let the parents tell your volunteers what they expect for their children. This can be very powerful.

Recognize Them

- Find creative ways to recognize staff. Use raffles (person who traveled the furthest, one with the most camp t-shirts, ect.). Come up the categories so you will recognize new staff and return staff!

Have Fun

- Staff training is very serious and important. The parents of your campers trust you and your staff with their children. Makes sure your staffs understands this, but teach them in a fun way!