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kid support

Online Support Groups

  • Group Loop - Teens Talk Cancer Online Information, education, and online support groups.

  • RetinoblastomaKidsClub - On Yahoo groups, for kids affected by retinoblastoma.

Things to Do Online

Items to Get

  • Funletter - From the Kids Cancer Network: Six issues each year. Each issue is designed to be colored on, filled up and written in.

  • Spinoza Bear A talking bear developed in 1984 as a communication tool capable of providing positive reinforcement and encouragement, suitable for children with cancer.

For Siblings

  • SuperSibs An organization that provides support for the unique needs of siblings of childhood cancer.

  • Oliver's Story - A book for Sibs of Kids with Cancer, see the ACCO/Candlelighters web site for details.

  • Cancer Really Sucks - A website for teens who have loved ones facing cancer.