COCAI CONNECT is framework through which any COCA-I member can send one or more staff or volunteers to work in another COCA-I members camp (Host Camp).



What Are the Benefits of a Staff Exchange?

Participants can gain new skills, motivation, new perspectives and an expanded network; plus it might be a reward for outstanding achievement.

Host Camps gain a temporary staff person with different skills and new perspectives; staff at the host property gain additional motivation as they participate in the exchange.

Who Can Participate in a Staff Exchange?

Any member of staff or volunteer from a member COCA-I camp  who has a been recommended by their “home” camp. It could be a volunteer, counselor, Program Director, Executive Director, medical personnel, etc.,  or anyone else who would benefit from exposure to other COCA-I camps.

Do Staff Exchanges Need to be Reciprocal?

No. While the exchange may be reciprocal, you may also send without hosting or host without sending.


What Costs are Involved?

There are no fees associated with this program. COCA-I will subsidize transportation expenses up to an agreed upon amount. The Host Camp takes care of the staff member’s lodging and meals during the exchange.

Apply Today!

  • Contact the Host Camp, obtain approval and submit supporting documents to COCA-I. 
  • Submit -  A minimum of 2 weeks before the Exchange the Candidate must submit estimated transportation expenses to COCA-I for approval. COCA-I is not committed to transportation reimbursement prior to written or verbal approval


  • Two-way exchange: The exchange of camp staff or volunteers with another COCA-I camp.
  • Exchange Candidate (EC) : A member-COCA-I camp staff or volunteer traveling for a temporary exchange at another COCA-I camp (Host Camp).
  • One-way exchange: The movement of a f member-COCA-I camp staff or volunteer on to a member-COCA-I camp without a reciprocal exchange.
  • Host Camp (HC) – The camp that agrees to host an incoming participant.


  • The CCONNECT CONNECT program is open to staff and volunteers of any current COCA-I member camp.
  • Exchange Candidates must be recommended by their “Home” camp.
  • Exchanges may be approved for any position at any level of a Host Camp organization, and will normally occur with comparable positions, but may involve non-comparable positions.
  • The normal length of any exchange shall be determined by the Host Camp. While there is no firm established guideline, COCA-I assumes that the length of the exhange will be 4-7 days.
  • While COCA-I shall provide assistance for travel expenses, all housing and food costs will be borne by the Host Camp or the Incoming Participant. Should an exchange visit occur with a day camp, expectations are that lodging, food, etc., expenses remain the reponsibility of the Host Camp and Exchange Candidate.
  • COCA-I supports one and two-way exchanges and may support one-way exchanges based on the recommendation of the Host Camp.
  • Travel Subsidy – COCA-I’s maximum travel subsidy for a staff exchange will be limited to $850. This subsidy is to be exclusively used for transportation expenses, and not to include food, personal items, etc.
    • Use of personal vehicle – reimbursement will be at current IRS rates. The reimbursement shall not exceed roundtrip coach class airfare to the destination.
    • Airfare Reimbursement – coach class only
    • Other forms of transportation (bus, trains) - Not to exceed coach class airfare.
    • If possible, COCA-I would welcome any contributions to cost share from the Host Camp or Home Camp. However, this wil not have any bearing on the selection of any staff exchange application. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Exchange Candidate must hold a staff or volunteer position of a current COCA-I member camp.
  • An Exchange Candidate shall obtain the prior approval of his/her Executive Director, Camp Director or immediate supervisor before applying for an exchange.
  • Host Camp Senior Leadership shall determine the acceptability of the Exchange  Candidate. The Host camp is under no obligation to accept or approve any Exchange Candidate. Host Camps will not be required to justify the acceptance or rejection of an Exchange Candidate.

Exchange Contracts

The assignments and other understandings for an Exchange Candidate and the Host Camp shall be exclusively between the Exchange Candidate and the Host Camp. COCA-I  does not hold any liability, responsibility for any agreement between an Exchange Candidate and Host Camp.

While not mandatory it is good practice that assignments, expectations and other understandings for an Exchange Candidate to be detailed in an exchange agreement signed by the Exchange Candidate and appropriate Senior Leadership at the Host Camp.

If the Exchange Candidate terminates the exchange early, or in estimation of the Host Camp fails to fulfill the expectations and agreements of the exchange, COCA-I reserves the right to seek reimbursement of any travel subsidies granted to the Exchange Candidate.

Please carefully review this document: Responsibilities of Each Party